Rakkenheid, Guild Wars 2 Community
Rakkenheid, Guild Wars 2 Community
WvW:Rakk Madness
Our guild's hosted wvw event for the server Gate of Madness.
10pm EST, Today.09 hours 26 minutes away.
Guild missions with a focus on open world bounties, challenges, puzzles and more.
10pm EST, Tomorrow.
PvE:Open Raid
Less strict, and no set raid roster, the open raid is the perfect learning environment.
9pm EST, Tuesday.
PvE:Vale Raid
Core night takes out Vale Guardian, to free up thursday progression.
9pm EST, Wednesday.
PvE:Progression Raid
Rakk's core team works on raid progression. Proper builds and attendance time a must.
10pm EST, Thursday.
WvW:Match Reset
There to support Gate of Madness on reset night, the guild hosts map clears for the server.
9pm EST, Friday.
WvW:Alliance Run
Joint runs with our server's allied guilds in wvw, Gate of Madness.
10pm EST, Saturday.
Core Composition
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Doing, Done, and Will Do
Rakkenheid has been running since 2010, keeping a strong player core with a progressive model. Most of the community plays Guild Wars 2, in all three game types: WvW on Gate of Madness, Raid progression in Spirit Vale, and SPvP with Team Crutch.

The community is active in game and out. Social media and a voice server keep members connected with changes, events, and casual chat. The majority of Rakkenheid's success as a guild has come from the community's connective culture.

From here, Rakkenheid is extending out to a heavier server presence in wvw with zerg-busting and map clears. Raid progression will push through to the new raid wings, focusing on a dedicated core and plenty of training spots for carry nights.
Weekly Events Roster
Guild events run throughout the week, covering Guild Wars' main game types, along with player- created content. Most content is open to the public, those outside of the guild, though most of World vs World is limited to those on Gate of Madness.

All events start at 10pm EST, and usually last for 2-3 hours thereafter.

Dailies are hosted by Rakkenheid, groups running dailies in WvW, dungeon and fractal dailies, and and quick PvP dailies in the guild's private room.

Click here to see this week's events.
Ranks and Rights
Keeping things simple, when it comes to ranks and rights, has made life a lot easier in the Rakkenheid community. Currently, there's only one rank, no officer-ship, and no rep policy. With matters of the game, much of the guild rights are open to the community. Members can start their own events, guild missions, claim objectives, scribe and decorate as they please.

There is, however, a recognition of both veteran and core within the Rakk community. Raid spots, for example, favor those who are more familiar and reliable within the guild. This being said, Rakkenheid prides itself with keeping cliques out of general guild activity.
Gaming Community Diversity
Having a maxed guild means that there's going to be a lot of different types of players. Without a doubt, over the years, Rakkenheid has had plenty of diversity in both its casual and core roster. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest from all player backgrounds. This requires a guild to have a culture of inclusion where all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly, provided casual/core balance, and an opportunity to progress in their chosen game types.
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